First National Jewish Infertility Network Teleconference

Posted by Idit Solomon on September 03, 2014  /   Posted in Company Blog, Hasidah in the media, web, and news, Jewish Fertility Network, Jewish Infertility, Press Release

Hasidah organized the first National Jewish Infertility Network teleconference on September 3, 2014 .  The goal of the first conversation included identifying the challenges and opportunities for infertility support in the Jewish community and outlining underlying issues to address in the Jewish community with regards to infertility. The conversations included lay leaders, Jewish professionals, and representatives from organizations including including The Red Stone, Uprooted, Priya, and New York Jewish Free Loan Society.

Hasidah’s threefold focus (awareness, network navigation and financial assistance) was developed with change in mind: awareness leads to more interest and resources, which helps develop a network of support and provide financial assistance for medical treatment. Another outcome we seek in the area of awareness and networking is the empowerment of those interested in making change in the Jewish community in regards to infertility and raising the level of conversation and action surrounding infertility. It was with that in mind that the first National Jewish Infertility Network teleconference was established. The group will be meeting again to continue the dialog in early October.

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