Why Hasidah:

Because Jewish families are the core of Jewish life and children are the source of our future, addressing infertility, financially supporting treatment, and building awareness are important to our community.

  • From the first biblical imperative to be fruitful and multiply, family is at the center of Judaism. Building a family is an essential part of being human and being Jewish.
  • Experiencing infertility hits at the core of this Jewish ideal and is deeply painful.
  • Knowing that there is a treatment for infertility that is not affordable makes this difficult situation worse.
  • Jews have a low Jewish birthrate. We cannot afford to ignore the needs of those who want to have children. Building Jewish families is existentially important for our future.
  • Hasidah believes having Jewish children is a birthright and the community has a responsibility to help make that happen. Raising a Jewish family is already expensive. Conceiving a child should not be a financial hardship.

What we do:

Hasidah builds awareness, develops a network of support resources and provides financial assistance for IVF. We  do this so that the shroud of infertility is removed, so that infertility is on the communal agenda, so that Jews are empowered to seek infertility treatment, and so that Jewish babies are born. We will work in partnership other organizations to leverage resources so that we can bring greater expertise to address the issues of infertility and make treatment affordable in the Jewish community.

Who we are:

Soon after being married, Steven and Idit Solomon tried to start a family unsuccessfully. After years of therapies, procedures, tests, enormous financial investment, losses and a label of undiagnosed infertility, they needed a dose of hope. They decided to use donated ovum (an egg donor) for yet another attempt at becoming parents. Steven and Idit founded Hasidah in 2011 within a month of their daughters’ conception. It was a statement of faith that the pregnancy would be successful, a promise to help others who were in similar situations, and a gift of thanks.  Months later they were blessed with their two daughters Nili and Orly.

Our Name:

Hasidah is the Hebrew word for stork. The root of the word (Hsd) means loving-kindness. Storks have a long history of being associated with fertility, families and the arrival of babies. The name Hasidah was chosen because we believe one of the greatest gifts of loving-kindness is to help people struggling with infertility to become parents.

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 We are proud to be providing funding programs in Columbus, Ohio and are working on expansion already. Please contact us for more information or an application.


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  • Our Mission

    Hasidah is the voice of hope and compassion that raises awareness of infertility and reduces financial barriers to treatment in the Jewish community.
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