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Infertility Awareness Shabbat

Infertilitiy Awareness shabbat 2017Join synagogues around the world on Shabbat morning April 1, 2017 to raise sensitivity and awareness about infertility!

The goal of this initiative is to raise sensitivity and awareness about infertility throughout the entire Jewish community. Additionally, we aim to unite over this common issue and shed light on a cause that affects so many in the Jewish community. Participation is as easy as dedicating a message about infertility to your congregants during Shabbat.

Please let us know if we can include you on our list of participating synagogues that are recognizing and offering their thoughts and prayers to all who are suffering with infertility.

Resources for Fertility Awareness Shabbat

Building Inclusive Communities
Sources and Resources for Speaking
Prayers and Readings

Infertility and the Role of the Rabbi

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Rabbinic Training Seminar

This seminar demystifies the experience of infertility, explores the emotional and spiritual issues surrounding it, and provides tools for clergy (cantors welcome!) to help those experiencing infertility and fertility challenges.

Feedback from participants:

“Having experienced infertility issues from several sides – patient, doctor and rabbi – I know the toll it can take on dreams, relationships and general well-being. This training was very helpful to help me frame infertility in a Jewish spiritual context and to inspire me to continue to be involved in this work. Kol ha-kavod to Idit and Mimi for an excellent training.” Rabbi SaraLeya Schley

“I am so grateful for the Hasidah Rabbinic Training! I’ve known many people who have struggled with infertility, and this training was an important opportunity to frame the issues of infertility in a Jewish context, raise awareness about infertility in the Jewish community, and learn best ways to support individuals through their difficult journeys. Thank you, Idit and Mimi!” Rabbi Nicki Greninger

Please contact us to bring this session to your community!

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    Hasidah is the voice of hope and compassion that raises awareness of infertility, connects people to support, and reduces financial barriers to treatment in the Jewish community.

    Hasidah is a 501(c)(3) organization under federation tax guidelines.
    Contributions are tax deductible.

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