Hasidah builds awareness, develops a network of support resources resources and provides financial assistance for IVF through:

Awareness – Hasidah provides speakers for conferences, community programs and small group meetings.  Hasidah also works with clergy,  Jewish professionals and various organizations to develop awareness in the Jewish community and train leaders to provide support to those in need. We publish articles and are active on social media building awareness of the issues involved with infertility.

Network navigation – We want to ensure that people experiencing infertility are wrapped in the support they need whether it comes from Hasidah or the myriad of other organizations and individuals who can help. We develop partnerships and relationships that will provide additional resources for people experiencing infertility whether it is counseling, financial assistance, adoption information, genetic screening, or spiritual care.

Financial assistance – Our financial support program includes grants, loans and scholarships. Funding is available for people in the Jewish community, throughout the United States, who require IVF in order to have children and need financial assistance for treatment. Please contact us for more information or an application.

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We  do all of this so that the shroud of infertility is removed, so that infertility is on the communal agenda, so that Jews are empowered to seek infertility treatment, and so that Jewish babies are born.

2017 Accomplishments

Hasidah has had many accomplishments and our numbers are growing. Here is where our totals stand now:

  • 3 Rabbinic Seminaries received training
  • 4 IVF loans awarded
  • 4 Training workshops held for rabbis
  • 5 Babies born to Hasidah grant recipients
  • 6 Conferences attended to promote infertility awareness
  • 8 National Jewish Fertility Network videoconferences
  • 13 IVF grants awarded
  • 130 Rabbinic/Clergy partners
  • 230 people counseled, guided, connected or funded by Hasidah

And now an opportunity to hear a little bit of what we get to hear…

From a grant recipient upon learning they received a Hasidah grant:

“Thrilled does not even begin to express how happy we are right now. Your generosity and support is something that we never dreamed could be a reality. We told all our family today that we would be able to move along with the IVF process thanks to your organization.”


And from a client after multiple attempts with IVF:


Those gates must have still been open the last time we spoke, and your extra energy and prayers were received!

Today we are 9 weeks and 4 days[…]We have such an interesting perspective to be able to have a picture of our baby at 5 days old!  [We] feel grateful to both have a physical hand in making this child together. It only makes sense that we would get pregnant when we collaborated! 

We both want to thank you so incredibly much for your support throughout our journey. We know it’s still early, and it’s all just the beginning of a much grander and more exciting journey, but we pray that these specific struggles are behind us for now and we look forward to sending you more fun and happy updates.


Thank you again!

[An update: R&M are due in just a few weeks. Wishing them a besha’ah tova – may this pregnancy be sustained and a healthy baby be born at a good time.]