The Many Ways We Can Help You

Hasidah’s funding is a direct outgrowth of our mission to build Jewish families. Many are familiar with the Birthright program that is based on the notion that all Jews should be provided with a trip to Israel. If Jews are entitled to a trip to Israel then all the more so do Jews have the right to give birth to another Jewish generation. This is the that program. Birthright meet BirthRate.

The Jewish community cannot afford not to help those who want to have children. And yet, the Jewish community lacks awareness about infertility and has very few resources to support people who are in the midst of fertility challenges. Additionally, of all the financial support utilized to sustain the existing Jewish community, this is one of the only programs available to help build the next generation.

The expenses associated with fertility treatment can be enormous and decrease the likelihood for Jewish women and men to seek support and treatment.  As much as possible, Hasidah wants to remove finances as a roadblock to infertility treatment and support people facing fertility challenges.

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