Our Special Deliveries!

Hasidah recently awarded over $40,000 in grants and loans to applicants from around the country. From San Francisco Bay to South Florida, the Jewish Stork is delivering hope to families looking for help to bring a child into their lives.

Here are some of their stories:

In Their Words

The Need:


“We had tried to have a baby going on 4 and a half years while watching our friends around us have babies. Their children grew and eventually got siblings and we were still trying for just one. I finally went to the fertility doctor and we had both had labs and tests done with a result of unexplained infertility. It’s a bit hard on us not knowing why we are having such difficulty with having a baby.”


“Infertility has strained our family and our friendships.  It has made us feel the extreme high of hopefulness that this might be “the month” and the deepest despair that we may never have a child to love.  We have been through the hardest two years of our lives and while our relationship is stronger than ever, we still have no child despite our best efforts.”


“Unfortunately, our health insurance doesn’t cover infertility treatment, and our expenses are already accumulating to the point where we worry that starting a family may be out of reach.”


“For two working teachers in Los Angeles, the cost of IVF is not within our budget without your help. We have dwindled our savings and maxed out credit cards trying everything over the course of these past 2+ years. In order to move forward with IVF we need further assistance.”



The Response:


“Thrilled does not even begin to express how happy we are right now. Your generosity and support is something that we never dreamed could be a reality. We told all our family today that we would be able to move along with the IVF process thanks to your organization.”


“Thank you so much – this means so much to us and helps take off the stress of our own personal challenges to allow us to continue focusing on the needs of others.”



The Results (From Our “Alumni”):


“Without Hasidah, I wouldn’t be holding my sleeping child on my chest right this very moment. What else do you need to know?”


“Thanks in part to your assistance, we now have Elan, our beautiful baby boy, and our seven-year struggle has come to an end. We are profoundly grateful for what you have done for our family and we are appreciative of the work Hasidah is doing to change the conversation in the Jewish community around fertility.”


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